Castopod Open Working Group (COW Gee)

I previously posted a members only call to kick off a working group around the Castopod

@aeisenberg and @rndeon said they’d be interested in participating, and @evan said he could be the first podcast user on the system.

Since then, we had call with some Social.Coop including @mnoyes and had the idea of making this an open working group, accessible in public and available for anyone in the Fediverse to come join and learn about configuring,

What we think this Working Group will do

Have a kick off meeting to see who is interested, make introductions, and do a quick tour of the Castopod interface

Gather Castopod resources: make a Public Wiki page and add links

Create some documentation with screen shots of basic operations, from admin to podcast host, of how to use Castopod

Review moderation and other trust & safety feature

Onboard to the CoSocial Castopod instance and use it

Test interacting with Castopod posts using Mastodon, other Fediverse accounts, and different clients

Record and post some podcasts!

Whatever else working group members decide to work on!

What’s the commitment

We’ll use this Castopod Working Group forum category to post notes, discussions, and other material.

You’ll need to sign up for an account. Please introduce yourself by leaving a comment on this post.

We’ll see about working asynchronously, replying to posts and comments.

We’ll have a live kick off meeting and perhaps some check in meetings every couple of weeks.

It shouldn’t take that long to get started. Everything else will be from questions that arise and working together to create some docs.

I’d like to just run a Fediverse podcast

Amazing! If you’re based in Canada, please become a member of CoSocial.

This group can ideally support you in getting started. We’ll likely do a wider “call for podcasters” as we get going, too


← I can help with docs. Just let me know when would be appropriate.

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Thanks @roland! We’ll get everyone accounts on the server.

Hi, I’m interested in participating in the open working group.

I currently host 2 podcasts on Castopod(.com) and have some experience in writing docs for open source projects. You can find me on Mastodon at

Looking forward to the meeting.


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Welcome @prcutler! Great to have an already active user join us.

Please drop the links to your podcasts: would be great to see examples.

Right now from voting we’re going do a kick off on Thurs Feb 1st Kick off meeting for Castopod Working Group

My active podcast is The CircuitPython show, a bi-weekly podcast with the makers and developers using the CircuitPython programming language:

The second is The Bootloader, which my co-host and I are bringing back from a long hiatus:

Both are hosted on the same Castopod instance.

Looking forward to the meeting next week.

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