Kick off meeting for Castopod Working Group

I’d like to schedule a kick off meeting week of Jan 29th. We’ll have Castopod installed by that time, and can showcase the instance, and get everyone onboarded.

Here’s the background:

Kickoff Meeting Feb 1st

Please register to join us

The core work will be asynchronous here in the forum, so anybody can participate.

If there are specific questions or things you’d like to discuss, please add a comment below.

Also, please introduce yourself!


notes from the call

  • intros
  • screen share of Castopod interface
  • accounts for everyone
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Last option possibly typoe, it reads

  4pm EST / 7pm EST

Gathering it should be 4PM PST

yes, correct! I am not going to edit it because that resets the poll!

Also, welcome @cogdog! Added co-op member group to your account so you should be able to see everything now.

Thanks! I liked seeing the ability to login into Discourse via Mastodon… filing away for investigation

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It looks like we got 6 people for Feb 1st at 4pm PST / 7pm EST so let’s go with that.

I’ve setup an event, if you register it will add it to your calendar.

I’m hosting this on my personal Zoom account this time. We might experiment with / Big Blue Button in the future.

I’m interested though my knowledge of Castopod is having read a link about it.

And perhaps marginally related might be Radio Free Fedi


@cogdog we are all learning together! I did a test install and clicked around a bit. The challenge I will throw to you and for the kick off is — how do we learn and document together so more can get involved.

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i also have never used Castopod but i’ve been podcasting (it’s just audio on the internet people! nothing more nothing less :slight_smile: !) since 2005 so hard can it be :slight_smile: #FamousLastWords I think it will be great to document it initially from an newbie point of view!

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Thank you for this! :heart_hands:
I’ll try to connect to Zoom… if I have not fallen asleep. :wink: (I’m in Paris.)

Unfortunately, I’ll need to miss the first meeting as I now have had a conflict come up. I look forward to seeing what you’re experience is getting started and where additional documentation may be needed.

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Benjamin as I messaged you on Mastodon — we’ll find a time to host you. I’m also going to record this, so you’ll see where we get to.

I hope the working group can expose more people to Castopod, and we’ll refer to existing docs / contribute where we can.

FYI for those that don’t know, Benjamin is the founder of Castopod. Welcome!

No worries! We’ll do more of this and generally everyone who wants can follow along asynchronously here in the forum.

Darn. I just had a conflict come up as well. I am not going to be able to make it either.

No worries! It will be recorded. I’ll also provision you a user account – can you be a superadmin with me?

Sure. :man_supervillain:


  • Attendees: Boris Mann (Vancouver), Ryan d’Eon (Ottawa), Alan Levine (Saskatchewan), Roland Tanglao (Vancouver)
  • experiment with moving the podcast to see how portable it really is
  • TODO: experiment with SSO
  • Document in public wiki on the forum
  • Bug: other categories cleared, toggles cleared with invalid cover image
  • Feature Request: 1440 pixel by 1440 pixel is a MUST, can you maybe just auto-crop it?!?

A colleague in Vancouver area Erica runs this castopod

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Here are my raw point form notes, I’ll get some more things up above.

I need to edit the video and grab the audio and add it as an episode.

I’ve added everyone as “authors” on the podcast. Don’t know what the different podcast roles do. TO DOCUMENT

I added @aeisenberg as an “admin” on the cowgee podcast, too.

Boris @boris

  • Vancouver
  • CoSocial, Fission, DWebYVR

Ryan @rndeon

  • Ottawa
  • Interested in non big tech solutions

Roland @roland

  • Northern Voice
  • Thunderbird

Alan @cogdog

  • Non profit Open Education Global
  • Moose Jaw
  • Convince colleagues
  • Podcast for my organization

Can you move your podcast? (between castopods?)

CoSocial SSO

  • TO DOCUMENT if castopod has a github issue for this

Role documentation – Manager

  • managers can create new podcasts?

Imported prconnection

  • later, boris tried to add Alan @cogdog as an owner and/or remove himself
  • you can’t remove the owner? Can you transfer owner?
  • @cogdog I might delete that podcast and let you recreate it if owners can’t be switched TO DOCUMENT

Created cowg

  • Alan’s @-mention didn’t arrive? TO EXPERIMENT
  • photo images are big
  • bug – if wrong image, then extra categories and other things are cleared

You can toggle between podcast accounts

is this the Erica H from the northern voice days?

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Thanks. Was the meeting recorded?

I was able to log in to castopod. It was a little confusing to follow a podcast since I had to enter my handle and then get redirected in a popup window, but I guess that’s a side effect of federation.

Is there an admin page I can look at?