Login and Sign Up to the CoSocial Members Forum

Anyone can register and login to the CoSocial Members Forum at https://members.cosocial.ca

Member Login

Members can use their CoSocial Mastodon account to sign up and log in, without having to create a separate account or password.

Use the CoSocial.ca Mastodon link, and you’ll be redirected to the the CoSocial.ca server.

If you’re not already logged in, you’ll be prompted to do a regular login:

If you are logged in, and haven’t been in the Members Forum before, you’ll get access to approve using your Mastodon account with the forum

(TODO: a screenshot of the approval page)

This is something you only need to do once. Afterwards, using your Mastodon account will just log you straight into the forum.

Getting Added to the coopmembers group

One more step is to get your account added to the coopmembers group in order to get access to the Members only areas.

This is currently a manual process. We look for new members and add them, and will usually private message you on Mastodon when this has been done. We’re looking at how to automate this step for CoSocial Mastodon add-ons.

Non Member Login

Only CoSocial members have accounts on the Mastodon server.

We have enabled regular email / password sign up and login so that people who aren’t co-op members can also participate.

After filling out the signup form, you’ll be sent a verification email and then will be able to use that to login.

Once you have an account on this server, you can access and participate in any of the non-member areas, participate in open work groups, help edit the Public Wiki, and other features of the forum.

Members with multiple accounts

Some members may accidentally create a regular email based login, rather than use their Mastodon account. That’s OK!

Message @techopsWG and we can merge your accounts so you can use your CoSocial Mastodon.