BUG: Admin page has all podcasts, but some are 403

Known bug: Let super admins access all podcasts (#384) · Issues · Ad Aures / Castopod · GitLab

I am an admin on the Cow Gee podcast only, but on the admin page, I see all three podcasts.

If I click on the left or right podcast, I get a 403 error with a sad robot.

Podcasts I can’t administer should either be hidden, or somehow highlighted so I know that I don’t have access to them.

Sad robot is cute, though.


Podcast owner must add users as admin.


Users on a server can make podcasts that admins can’t act on

You are a “super admin” on Castopod server / app, and an admin on the COWG podcast.

So, it turns out that “super admins” can’t view podcasts for which they aren’t a contributor.

403 is the correct message, but not helpful.

Note: I tried to access Rolandopod, and also got 403 – my account is server “super admin”, but don’t have access to Roland’s podcast.

And, I’d say that “super admins”, should potentially be able to view some more details about podcasts? Seems like it might be a moderation issue in the future?

I’d agree that a super admin should have admin access to all podcasts (or at least guest access). As an (super) administrator, you should have complete access to your server. Unless there’s something more super than super admin??

Nope. I did a quick check, because there is the “Instance Owner” which is the first user that signs up, but I logged in as that admin account and got 403 on all of those podcasts, and don’t see any extra settings.

Made a page to describe what roles do Creating and editing Users and Assigning User Roles

This seems to contradict the documentation.

Super admin Has complete control over Castopod

Yep. Looks like a known bug — I edited above to include link.