Creating and editing Users and Assigning User Roles

The users page is where you create users, delete them, and edit user roles. For a detailed description of what the roles mean, see the official Castopod documentation.

Creating a new user

  1. Log in as a Super Admin.

  2. Click on the + next to the Users menu item on the left.

  3. Enter the username, email address, and role of the new user. Be sure to enter correct values since once a user is created, other than deleting them, the only thing you can do is change their role.

  4. The new user will receive an email that contains a magic link for them to click on.

  5. When the user clicks on the link, they will be asked to set a password

User Roles

Super admins can change a user’s role by selecting the user in the Users menu.


Can create new Podcasts ???


Can only be part of a Podcast, can’t create new Podcasts. ???

Super Admin


Instance Owner

There is one Instance Owner, which is applied to the first account that is created, that also gets Super Admin powers.

There doesn’t appear to be any other settings for Instance Owner, except they can’t be deleted.

Added documentation