Takahē is an ActivityPub server designed for efficient use on small- to medium-size installations, and which allows you to host multiple domains on the same infrastructure.

Blog post about refactoring the codebase to focus on sort of profile landing pages:


my new design goal is now to really take advantage of the multi-domain support and provide an experience that lets a diverse set of people, projects or companies, with a set of different domain names, logos and design ideas, all exist on the same server but still have their own profiles and identities that they can shape more in line with what they want.

While it’ll focus on microblogging at first, I also want to provide some other “homepage” functionality that allows our profile pages to act as someone, or something’s, home on the web.

Thus, I want to build a somewhat customisable profile page, with the ability to:

  • Add a set of links or more detailed text than just your bio
  • Feature specific posts or images in separate callouts
  • Write long-form (“blog”) content as well as microblogging
  • Allow for other short-form collections, such as Simon Willison’s TIL system