RSS to ActivityPub converter

This is a server that lets users convert any RSS feed to an ActivityPub actor that can be followed by users on ActivityPub-compliant social networks like Mastodon.

you can run this as an added bonus for people in a community like a Mastodon server, and as the person running it you are taking on only the moderation burden of the users you are already responsible for on your federated server.

This is a server which lets you use your existing Mastodon server as authentication so that your users can create RSS feeds that post as ActivityPub items.

This came up in a thread about importing podcast feeds.

The tool does detect and attach audio files:

On CoSocial and the tool itself: we could run it. I’d want to see it packaged as Docker, potentially as cloudron compatible, and we could install it as a custom app on our Cloudron server.

Since it would only be for our existing members this could be very doable.


It may also be worth considering the newest rss-ActivityPub software:

Turn Mastodon into your feed reader

1 Mention in a toot with the address of the site you want to follow. Some examples of what you can request:

An RSS or Atom feed, like Frock Flicks
A website or blog, like
A Substack newsletter, like
A Bluesky profile, like on Bluesky

2 RSS Parrot looks up the link in your toot, reads the website, and retrieves the address of its RSS or Atom feed. If this is the first time the site is requested, RSS Parrot creates a new account dedicated to it. This account will send out a new toot every time a new post appears in the feed.

The account’s name is derived from the website’s address, using only dots between the letters. In this case, it’s

The birb replies to your toot with the name of the account parroting the feed.

3 Follow the RSS Parrot account that the birb gave you. This is important and easy to forget! :wink: You’ll see a toot from it in your timeline every time a new post is published on the website.

Yep I just blogged about this today too — seems like a cool app.

It’s run by one person at a particular domain RSS Parrot

That single person running RSS Parrot is going to have to deal with moderation and a bunch of other things since they don’t have account logins at all.

Running this at CoSocial would be for creating stable, reliable feeds for and by members. We’d run it at or similar address, anyone with a CoSocial account could login via Mastodon and create feeds.

This is just an idea — step one is telling more members about it and seeing who is interested in forming a working group around it.

Do you have some feeds you’re experimenting with @Django? Maybe of interest for news orgs?

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