News & Journalists in Canada

Listings of news orgs and journalists in Canada active on the Fediverse.

News & Journalists


For Canadians finding their news blocked by Meta and, in all likelihood, Google, I’d like to offer some accounts across the country that are posting to the Fediverse.

First up, @thetyee . If you’re on the West Coast, The Tyee MAINLY covers Greater Vancouver, but also posts occasional stories from the Interior, the Island, and elsewhere. They report from a mainly left-wing perspective.

Individual journos on the Fediverse include:


Others are on here but aren’t active! Jen, tell everyone they gotta post here!

Next up, @livewirecalgary

Livewire Calgary is a good source for local Calgary news, and occasional provincial politics and such.

They’re quite active on Mastodon!

Individual journos include:
@ximenaka (though she’s freelance moreso)

Jumping way to the east, we’ve got @HalifaxExaminer .

Lots of great east coast local news, concentrated, of course, in Halifax.

Individual journos include:

They’re all really active here! You love to see it!

The CBC does not yet have an official Fediverse presence, but I’m willing to bet that’s about to change (there was a hiring post a little while ago for a job that sounded very much in this vein).


You can find CBC journos here, like:

And there are a handful of Bot accounts for CBC that automatically post:


And now, a bunch of people who I can’t easily assign under an outlet but are definitely good Canadian news sources:


Lastly, some folks who work for outlets but whose outlets don’t seem to wanna post here for some reason:

@pennydaflos (CTV)
@tylerharper (Nelson Star)
@picardonhealth (Globe and Mail)
@davidakin (Global)

Journalistic organisations in Canada with official accounts

Our own keeps a pinned post:

Journalistic organisations in Canada with official accounts on the #Fediverse :

I will update the list as I learn of other such accounts.

Note: this is copy pasted so the source post may be updated


It’s likely helpful to either split this out by province / city or otherwise make this easy to find things regionally.

We might be able to fork Spread Mastodon or otherwise ask them to add these accounts as “Canadian News”.

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Creating and maintaining follow lists out of this data would also be useful

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