Mastodon User Preferences 4.1.x > Other > Opt-out of search engine indexing

Note: this got moved to Mastodon > Public Profile > Privacy and reach tab, as of the Mastodon 4.2.x release

In the Mastodon user preferences Other category, there is a checkbox for Opt-out of search engine indexing, with the label Affects your public profile and post pages.

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From the Mastodon docs:

If you opt out of search engine indexing, a noindex flag will be added to your public profile and status pages.

What this means is that the HTML pages for your profile page (e.g. and individual post (aka status) pages (e.g. won’t be indexed by well-behaved search engines. noindex meaning, “don’t add this link / page to your search engine index”.

Any searches in Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. will never include or display those pages if you have this option checked.

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