Federation safety Enhancement Project (FSEP) by Nivenly Foundation

TLDR how to design and build dynamically updating blocklists.

The requirements gathering has been funded by Nivenly, and they’ll be seeking more donations to build it.

We mentioned we have more updates for you, and we do!

Today we’re happy and excited to announce the initial release of the Federation Safety Enhancement Project (FSEP) , authored by @Are0h@ubiqueros.com !

FSEP is a requirements doc with the goal of improving the moderation experience of Fediverse mods. We’re looking to collaborate with the broader Fediverse moderator community - Mastodon and beyond - to build something we all need.

A few other notes from the blog post:

The goal of the first phase of FSEP was to produce a starting product requirements document for Fediverse members working on shared safety projects to review and discuss. You can view FSEP v1.0 here. This first release has been reviewed by community members and other organizations that have shown interest in this space. We’re now opening it up for review and comment by you, members of the Nivenly community, and the broader Fediverse.

The ultimate goal of FSEP is to provide Federating platforms the ability to integrate with dynamically updating blocklists.