BUG / FEATURE: Can't change owner of a podcast

I created the PR Connection podcast with boris account. Here I am logged in on the dashboard screen:

I click on the sidebar “Contributors” tab.

UI Click Targets are confusing / extra clicks

Note: the click targeting in the entire UX is weird.

Only the number “2” or the “+” sign which is add contributor is clickable. Clicking the arrow makes the sub menus swing out.

Screen Shot 2024-02-02 at 4.32.22 PM

Now you can click on all contributors.

RECOMMENDATION: make the entire bar label and left icon clickable and go to the default “all contributors” listing. Same for all of the UI elements here.

Two admins are listed, with an extra icon indicating that boris is the “Podcast Owner”

Can I remove?

Selecting the checkbox and picking “Remove” gives the error `You can’t remove the podcast owner!"

Can I change roles and then remove?

Trying to change the role to Editor or anything else and hitting “update role” gives the error You can't edit the podcast owner!

Feature Request

Allow to change the role / pick someone else as owner. Maybe just add to the Role drop down, and let current owner change to someone else?

Added podcast-owner